Forfeit Rules


You and/or your team may or may not know that there are much better options to take than giving your game up before it has even started. All games in a competition should be played where possible even when it can’t be played at the original scheduled date/time. With adequate prior notice, your sports co-ordinator should be able to reschedule any game to another date/time. So give us a chance to help your team before you let out that effing ‘f’ word – forfeit!

The following steps will be taken for any game that needs to be changed from the original draw:

1.         Teams that have prior knowledge of a time/date/round they cannot play should immediately notify their appropriate sports co-ordinator to initiate a possible rescheduling of that game to another time or date suitable for both teams.

2.         Any game that has been postponed can only be rescheduled if agreed to by the opposing team. The opposing team is under no obligation to reschedule but should keep in mind that one day it could be them requesting a reschedule. If the opposing team affected by the postponement cannot play on any other time/date, then the offending team will either have to play the game as originally fixtured or be penalised for the forfeit.

3.         Any team forfeiting a match is required to give the Centre a minimum of 24 hours notice. Short call notice ie on the day of the scheduled fixture, will result in a forfeit fee equal to the entire match fee (your team’s game fee plus the other team’s game fee equals entire match fee).
All forfeits require a direct phone call to the Centre. A total of three (3) forfeits in one season may result in automatic dismissal of the team from the competition.

4.        If the team that was forfeited against wishes to play a friendly (fill-in) game organised by the centre, the game fee will apply as normal.

REMEMBER your teams’ entry into a competition is an obligation and commitment to your opposition teams and to the Centre to compete in all fixtures as per the draw. If at any time your team is struggling for players, the centre does have individuals waiting to be placed into teams. Advise your co-ordinator if you require any players.