Centre Rules


POLICY NO. 1 : : PAYMENT The Centre operates on a PAY TO PLAY basis; all game fees are per team; and the full game fee is due each game irrespective of whether the team utilised substitutes or played short. Please ensure that all game fees are paid. It is important to emphasise that any terms a team comes to with its sponsor with regard to payment, are purely a domestic matter between the team and their sponsor and that ultimately the responsibility for payment rests with each individual player who participates.

POLICY NO. 2 : PLAYER INJURY INSURANCE & REGISTRATION As part of our commitment to players we have a comprehensive PERSONAL ACCIDENT – SPORTS INJURY SCHEME which covers injury as a direct result of an accident whilst participating in training or official competition. This scheme is compulsory for every participant in any sport in the centre with NO exceptions. Every player that participates in a sport in the centre must register and insure him/herself at the beginning of each competition. Whilst we allow players a two game period of grace to register for competition or until such time as a player completes the insurance form and pays the fee, they are not insured and PLAY SPORT ENTIRELY AT THEIR OWN RISK. It is in every player’s best interest to pay his or her registration fee prior to participating in his or her first game so as to ensure injury cover which will not be available retrospectively. As the centre owners, staff and even other players on the court are exposed to the possibility of legal action should an uninsured player be injured whilst playing, NO PLAYER that has played their two game grace period and IS NOT INSURED may take any further part in the competition. These players will not be permitted to take to the court until the relevant application form is completed and the full fee paid. The scheme benefits are displayed on notice boards throughout the centre and copies are available at the kiosk. If you have any queries with regard to the scheme please discuss them with management.

POLICY NO. 3 : UNIFORMS Each team is encouraged to wear matching styles and coloured tops as a uniform. As black soled shoes mark our carpets we wish to discourage players from wearing them on court, and ask for your co operation in this regard.

POLICY NO. 4 : MISCONDUCT, EQUIPMENT AND UMPIRE ABUSE Any misconduct, equipment and/or umpire abuse will not be tolerated and any offenders will be disciplined in line with the rules of the game.

POLICY NO. 5 : GAME TIMES AND PUNCTUALITY Please ensure that your team members are ready to take to the court at least 10 minutes before the allotted game time to obviate any delays and the resultant problems.

POLICY NO. 6 : REGRADED TEAMS A team which in the opinion of management is graded incorrectly may be regraded at any other time up to round 10 of the competition at the discretion of management. A team which is moved to another grade will go into that grade in the same position as its previous grade with the equivalent match points. If a new team joins a grade before the sixth round of a 15 week comp or 4th week of a 10 week comp they shall be awarded points and games played equal to the lowest team in the grade OR in consultation and agreement with management opt to catch up any games missed and receive points accordingly. A new team must play at least one full round of matches to qualify for finals.

POLICY NO. 7 : FINALS Awards are made in each league to the Premiers, Grand Finalists and Finalists. All teams participate in the finals.

POLICY NO. 8 ALCOHOL AND SMOKING No person may introduce alcohol onto the premises or consume alcohol within the centre. Furthermore please note that smoking within the centre is strictly prohibited. Your co operation in this regard is requested.

POLICY NO. 9 : SAFETY As all the sports played in the arena involve other participants, and are of an “active” nature with moving equipment (bats, balls, etc) all players are advised that injuries and/or accidents may occur whilst participating in an activity or game. Although there is player insurance cover once the individual registration insurance fee is paid, it is an express condition of participation in any activity or game that all players who participate do so at their own risk. The owners and management of the centre do not accept responsibility for any injuries to players and/or accidents that occur irrespective of how they are caused. The centre does its best to make your playing time safe and enjoyable by providing safe equipment in a controlled environment. Do not contribute to the risk of injury to yourself and/or other participants by being reckless with equipment or careless with your actions. Play all sports with logical caution and be aware of your personal limitations. Players, who may be or are pregnant, should discuss their continued participation with their doctor.

REMEMBER your teams’ nomination into a competition is an obligation and commitment to your opposition teams and the centre to compete in all fixtures as per the draw. Failure to do so may result in your team being withdrawn from the competition and replaced by a reliable team.