No need to spend 4 or 5 hours fielding in the scorching sun and then having the misfortune of being dismissed quickly with the bat. Indoor cricket gives every player equal playing time…in the field for 12 overs, bowl 2 overs and bat for 4 overs…regardless of ability. The game promotes fast reflexes, all round ability and improves hand-eye co-ordination. Players like Michael Clarke, Mark and Steve Waugh were all prominent indoor cricketers prior to becoming Test superstars.

Currently we have graded comps for both juniors and men.

All registered players with Penrith Indoor Sports are covered by our Player Injury Insurance Scheme. If you play unregistered, you are not covered by our insurance scheme and you do not qualify for any Finals Series. Protective gear for all our sports is available for purchase at the centre and it is strongly advised that you wear whatever protection is relevant to your sport.